Monday, September 10, 2007

To have and to hold

I've just been over at Proper Prophet
who seems to have come up with seven reasons not to clear out your wardrobe, which gave me an idea for a new post. My Jaeger suit. It fits all of her seven reasons...

It was very expensive, it has sentimental value, my mother gave it to me (for my 21st birthday), I'm sure I'll fit it again one day..

And some of my own
  • I think it may very well have come back into fashion,
  • it is a classic (oh you can see past those 80s shoulder pads),
  • it is pure new wool (although that lamb popped its cork many years ago) ,
  • it was Made in Great Britain - Look see the label, can you beleive that whichever designer shops get their stuff made in "Great" Britain these days???
  • and my favorite, it outlasted my marriage
Now come on girls I know some of you have wardrobe issues, and hold onto things longer than you should, but this suit has been with me since I was 21 which is nearly half my life. It deserves a medal.


prophet said...

I agree! This is medal material.

Popped over to see the suit, Fiona. I still can't believe you have something that fits every one of my 'OK-you-can-keep-it' categories. . . .

Truly impressive.

Vic's Still Standing said...

I've kept my embroidered jeans from the 70's, a dress from the 80's, and a suit I simply adore but that no longer fits. How's that for clinging to the past?

By the way, I've tagged you!

FI0NA said...

Oh Vic you've trumped me! fantastic. Wish I could see those embroidered jeans, they really sound as though they could recapture an era. We go beyond clothes hoarding really, don't we? the clothes end up transcending the mere wardrobe and becoming metaphors of their own, for a former life. ...Peace love and happiness oh child of the dawn of aquarius.... (or have I overshot and ended up in the 60s)

Vics Still Standing said...

If you email me, I shall send you a photo. Private. Between the two of us. I love this post. It defines who we are.