Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm a lizard

I guess this happens to everyone to an extent, but maybe I am worse affected since I have moved countries 3 times since I was 25 and I got divorced. Here is my problem.. I keep leaving large chunks of my life behind. Usually quickly and under traumatic circumstances. Like a lizard losing its tail. For all I know they keep on twitching after I leave them, like the those perfectly nice circles of friends, those groaning bookshelves, a couple of decades shared with my husband. Those severed parts can twitch all they like. Me I just walk away.

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But look, my beautiful tail, it grew back, but not like before. Something is lost, something is changed.


Cat said...

...and that is what life is about I think.

FI0NA said...

!! Oh thank god, I'm normal!! It's growth, but it's also survival.