Thursday, May 13, 2010

A recurring theme

Just reading back the last four posts, it seems I am on a theme. Perhaps it's no wonder nobody has commented because if they did they would have to say "Get over yourself". Here I am bleating about the choices I made in life, blaming it on men and trying (without effect or resolution) to turn the personal into the political.

The facts are;
(1) I was not lucky, savvy or calculating enough to find myself a man who earned a living AND was nice to me and
(2) now I am afraid of facing the future, with possible declining health, and definite decline in my own attractiveness, and supporting my child, based solely on my own resources.


Leaving Oz said...

Scary? Yes. Rewarding? Even more so. Making your own way in the world -- though it may not provide the comfort or security of some of the alternatives -- will ultimately provide you with so much more. We're rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks in my better moments I am almost intoxicated by the thought of making my own decisions and not being at the whim of an irrational dictator who makes me doubt myself.