Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Then and now

I have, stuck into my old diary on the date 31/08/1984, the following list of features of MY IDEAL MAN which I annotated as being "not in any particular order". I was 18 this was more than half a life away... this is presumably the order in which I thought of them

  1. brains
  2. long legs
  3. blue eyes
  4. straight nose
  5. clear skin, clean body
  6. fit
  7. sings in tune
  8. reasonably fashionable
  9. modest
  10. nice smile and teeth
  11. christian
  12. not materialistic or right wing
  13. not a male chauvanist
  14. loyal
  15. only speaks when he has something to say
  16. not overweight but not weedy
  17. not bad breath
  18. sexy & romantic but not condescending

And here is a list I put together more recently

  1. Tendency to be faithful/loyal/respectful
  2. Tendency to be collaborative/power sharing/consultative
  3. Tendency to be honest/upfront and not manipulative
  4. Employed
  5. Genuine love of women not objectification
  6. Fit
  7. Appreciation of the arts/literature
  8. Creative
  9. Similar sense of humour to mine
  10. Social conscience
  11. Practical/good at fixing things
  12. Taller than me
I guess the things that the two lists have in common are fitnesss (maybe I take some of those things about bad breath and washing as a given these days - I guess it was teenagers I was dealing with then!!!) There is something around respect for women in general, and something around loyalty to me in particular.

Apart from that a lot about image has been replaced with personal qualities. I guess at 18 expecting someone to be "employed" or have a career was unreasonable. Maybe "brainy" was a proxy for that although "not materialistic" came to bite me in the form of Simon.

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