Friday, August 26, 2016

Ages, stages, and broken fairy tales

A new meme known as "love your husband" has emerged on Facebook with people posting pictures of themselves and their partners over the years. It is galling like baby pictures are to the infertile. But is also underscores for me how mid-life women need their partners for affirmation, it is a time of life more than any other when having a partner is a security blanket. Ah well.

Maybe this is another home truth about my crush on George (well since reciprocated at some point maybe a little more than a crush). I knew deep down it was my last hurrah. It is very hard for me to find the "love your husband" sort of love at this stage. It is hard not to become discouraged.

For the first time this week George posted about going out with his best friend/girlfriend this week. I cried a little (absurdly) when I read the post. But there it is, proof positive, finally. I obviously want him to be happy. If this is a great as he thinks it is, let one (or two) more people in the universe be happy. Let them. I don't want that not to happen. I guess what I would like is not to be sidelined/disappeared myself. The one thing I do find galling is how she has held out  on him and tormented him for so long. If this is a strategy of feminine guile, I deplore it. But again Ah Well.

The fairy tale that tells it best

George is Price Eric to my little mermaid but there will be no happy ending. I wanted to be where the people are. I wanted to see them laughing, but I got sent back I couldn't find my voice, and George/Eric took the next beautiful princess that crossed his bow. Prince Eric is an antihero he is basically a jerk. But Ariel really wanted the lifestyle not the prince didn't she? Which is what I told myself at some point, I wanted a catalyst for change

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