Monday, July 23, 2007

Prince Charming

I have spent much time recently watching or reading fairy tales with my 4 year old. I don't wish to rob him of the really rather beautiful fairytale concept - They met, they fell in love, they married, they lived happily ever after - but these days, it says nothing to me, it is actually irritating and cliched to the point of nausea. It seems plain wrong to indoctrinate children, and particularly girls, with it.

How little either of the men of significance in my life resembled prince charming. Imagine the handsome, strong jawed strong brave, hero

(1) Breaking down in tears and turning to cinderella to sweep him onto her horse and take care of him forever, or

(2) going off and bonking the ugly sisters in his lunch hour?????

Saints preserve us

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Vic's Still Standing said...

Fairy tales end at the "I Do." We never see the reality of the situation as it develops in the future. We poor princesses buy into the love everlasting, but many of our princes have feet made of clay. They are as needy as we are. That was my big surprise

I would read the Brothers Grimm to my children: At least those fairly tales are cautionary and few, with the exception of Snow White and Cinderella, end in long term happiness without a price to be paid.

I am so happy you have your child. I know it is a struggle, but things have a way of turning out for the best when you keep all your options open. You are so self aware, I cannot help but think you will come through this ordeal on top.