Saturday, May 09, 2009

Forgive myself - Understandable?

I wanted a baby, but I realised in the nick of time that I didn't want a baby with him. Or rather, serendipidously it turned out I couldn't have a baby with him in the nick of time.

It is unfair to him because all this was at the core of a shared dream.

I'm not sure how I could've been blind to this. I felt as though I was in love with him

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Anonymous said...

i'm not entirely sure what you meant by this post.
But it IS fair to him that you didn't have a baby with him.
If you have doubts about your relationship and his faithfulness to you, a baby isn't going to fix or change that/him.

You're a wonderful woman. I can tell that by your writings. You deserve someone that will treat you right with respect and love.