Sunday, August 28, 2011

That Fiona is a Lucky LUCKY girl

This is a text message Hamish received from a female friend. The female friend is married. And I have no problem with that relationship (no reason so far at all to feel jealous about other women). But I am wondering if his friend (let's call her Miranda) knows what she is saying.

From my end I have a cute and adorable bachelor, great in bed, with lots of bachelor ways, who's never said he loves me or uttered any words that might suggest commitment, indeed I'm sure he would not dispute that he does in fact love his dog more than me.

So what is Miranda reflecting?

1) He's a great friend to her, and seems like an A1 bloke - any woman would be lucky to have him
2) She's not getting any, and is glad that I am? and P.S she wouldn't mind a bit with him if she weren't married, stud bucket that he is
(3) (girlish hopes raised here) ... he has actually told her how he feels about me, and therein lies the source of my luckiness.

Once again I guess, only time will tell

What I do know is that "relationships" can look very different from the outside. His friends do seem to assume we have all the couple accoutrements shared interests, time alone, respect for one another, future plans, love. But all I'm receiving from my end is a rather shaky fuck-buddy status.

Sigh (and again) Sigh.

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