Thursday, January 18, 2007

Looking for inspiration

Watch this space whilst the fabric of my life unravels in new and interesting ways and I have the courage and inclination to tell you about it!!


Vic's Still Standing said...

Inspiration will come, IonaFiona, and at the oddest times. In the process you will put another little hurt behind you. I love your blog and am linking it to mine.

So interesting to see that the way we come to grips with our new lives is in many ways parallel--even though we live across the Pond!

hisheulb said...


Thanks for writing. I know you wrote that you saw yourself as having failed in marriage. I used to roll my eyes at pop psychologists who warned us not to beat ourselves up, but I think there is truth in cliches. We can beat ourselves up forever, but what's the point?

- H

sole said...

"Find some inspiration
It's down deep inside you
Amend your situation, yeah
Your whole life is ahead of you
Your whole life is ahead of you"

From TRUE REFLEXIONS-DaveMatthewsBand