Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dating Self Sabotage

On Friday I got randomly invited out to lunch by a single dad from Connors class (after a school event). On Saturday I dipped my toe back in the dating pond when I attended an organised cocktail party.

Now I am nursing a terrible crush on the single dad whilst fielding contacts from two men at the cocktail party, one of whom I really could never date (although he shows all signs of being a nice bloke) and the other one I mildly fancy but have so far ignored two of his calls in a cowardly way.

I think I am my own worst enemy. Two men with deliberate intentions on the dating front and one who was "just being friendly" and I prefer the "just being friendly" guy.

I spent almost a year juggling parenthood around Hamish on one occasion (I am ashamed to say) paying a babysitter $100, driving 50 mins each way just to cook him dinner and have him fall asleep after sex.  I'm not going down that path again. I don't even want to pay one baby sitter to even start out on that road. I know it is unfair to the cocktail guys but I am now judging them on past experience, I am just simply unavailable.

Single dad on the other hand I could definitely have lunch with again.

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