Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't undo that

But like sleeping beauty's fairy godmother, I can soften it a little....

You won't die of marriage, you will just go to sleep for 20 years....

Before I fell asleep this is what I heard

  • There is no his and hers in marriage
  • There are no roles to play
  • Each person is perfectly and completely respected in the role they choose
  • That you don't know the person when you commit, is the most beautiful aspect of all, ie that you trust and grow together
  • There will be hard times and you may have to work at it, but never will those hard times eat at you from the inside out, consume your soul, or leave you as a shell: When marriage is working it is not that hard
  • You will both make mistakes, but you will never disrespect one another or lose trust and faith in your partner
I expect there are some of you out there who still quite like the concept of marriage...

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Wait. What? said...

My husband and I have known one another now for 20 years. It has taken at least that long for us to say to one another that we are indeed one another's best friend.

It's really a wonderful thing when we get it right.