Monday, July 26, 2010

My take on Marriage

In recent years it has been my tendency to blame Neil for my jaded view of marriage, but as I sit here in the school playground - admiring the yummy mummies... and daddies I start to realize the other latent influence in my life EX23 is just as culpable. But I'm jumping ahead of myself. Here is my *current* cynical view

Women in Marriage:

  • Are subjugated,
  • Lose all their decision making power,
  • realize too late the job of child rearing:
  1. will be all theirs and
  2. will severely impinge on their careers
  • Have to turn a blind eye to cheating husbands
  • Have to deal with daily put downs from same
  • and are made to feel unattractive by same

Men in Marriage:

  • Discover that their sole function is wage earning machines
  • Have to come home after a stressful day to do a second shift and be unappreciated
  • Their wives are increasingly reluctant to have sex with them and give up trying to look attractive
  • Whatever they do is not good enough
  • If they divorce they have to give away the proceeds of their lifetimes' work
  • They ultimately "treat themselves" to extra-marital affairs

My granny used to say "Sex was a lot more fun before everyone knew about it". To me Marriage was a lot more palatable before I saw the underbelly. And affairs were a lot more fun/romantic beforel I was affected by them.

Now I know there are men wandering about who have such scant regard for fidelity - ie that its on the "nice to have but not essential" list, and women who are too weak, deluded, desperate to say no. I can't really bring myself to commit to one.

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